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Saturday, June 30, 2007

GREENLIGHT #150: A Mighty Heart (with "Girl Interrupted" and "Missing")


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Ann and Les were mesmerized by A Mighty Heart (2007.) Angelina Jolie is a commanding though controlled lead as Marianne Pearl in this true story of the wife of the murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. There are other people in the film, to be sure, and they even do a credible job in their roles but, as Les says, this is an Angelina Jolie film and that’s that. Interesting to note, too, though that Brad Pitt is one of the producers. Michael Winterbottom deserves notice too for his cool direction. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends the film in which he first saw Ms. Jolie called Girl Interrupted (1983.) It’s another true story about the writer Susanna Kaysen a young girl committed to a mental institution in the 1960’s. Ms. Kaysen is played by Winona Ryder who gives a good and interesting performance but the dramatics were offered to and taken with flying colors by Ms. Jolie who plays a very disturbed friend girl who becomes friendly with Ms. Ryder’s character. The energy and youth of the two girls are nicely balanced by the head nurse played byVanessa Redgrave. A bold picture to be made by a man but it was. James Mangold was the director. Ann recommends another gripping movie about the search for a kidnapped loved-one that doesn’t end well though the people conduct themselves well. Here she’s talking about Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek as fellow searchers in Chile for Lemmon’s character’s son. Director Costa-Gavras appropriately titled his film Missing (2003.)

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