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Monday, April 23, 2007

GREENLIGHT #131: Disturbia (with "Mermaids" and "Vertigo")

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Ann and Les were pleasantly surprised by their reaction to Disturbia (2007.) It’s a modern-day teen version of a Hitchcock classic and for that, they are grateful. Teens emulating “the greats” is a good thing. So although they did not know much about the work of the three young stars before they went in, they think we’ll all get to see much more of Shia Lebouf , Sarah Roehmer, and Aaron Yoo . But they did know the work of Carrie Anne-Moss and David Morse and they continued to be quite good as adults – one good and one a bit creepy. OK, Les liked it more than Ann but they both are positive about it. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends a film that highlights teen angst exquisitely called Mermaids (1990.) It’s a lovely tale of a funky mom, played by Cher, who has moved her two young daughters, played by Wynona Ryder and Christina Ricci , eighteen times to avoid engaging in a serious relationship. Needless to say, such galavanting around the country has left its mark on the girls who take refuge in the nunnery, boys, and water – though not at the same time. Shoe salesman Bob Hoskins shows up and is possibly the one to make them stay in one place. It’s a Richard Benjamin charmer. Ann goes with the Hitchcock theme for her recommendation and chooses the one featuring the odd pairing of James Stewart and Kim Novak. As Ann puts it, “it’s about a dizzy man chasing a dizzy dame and the effect is dizzying.” And it’s also delightfully suspenseful. You’ll be amazed at the modern work of Alfred Hitchcock in Vertigo (1958.)

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