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Saturday, March 24, 2007

GREENLIGHT #122: Premonition (with "Gaslight" and "Double Jeopardy")

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Ann and Les had a feeling they knew how'd they feel about Premonition (2007.) Yet another movie with featuring Sandra Bullock in a confused state-of-mind. Her husband, played by Julian McMahon, is killed in a car crash and then shows up again the next day. It's supposed to be eerie and suspenseful but Ann and Les just think it's confusing and boring. The film is directed by unknown director Mennan Yappo and they think he'll stay that way. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends a film about a woman confused about, or is it by, her husband's actions called Gaslight (1944.) It's Ingrid Bergman starring at her most dramatic and vulnerable best. Her suspicious husband is played wonderfully smarmily by Charles Boyer who is in cahoots with the maid played by a very young though seemingly much older Angela Landsbury. To round out the cast, Joseph Cotten gets to play the knight-in-detective's-armour for Ms. Bergman's character. The film is a George Cukor masterpiece. Ann recommends a film that gives the downtrodden wife, played convincingly by Ashley Judd, a real chance at revenge against her slimy husband, played by Bruce Greenwood, though to do so she must evade the wily parole officer, played by the ever-wiley Tommy Lee Jones, since she just got out of prison for supposedly already murdering that sneaky husband of hers. It’s a thriller that director Bruce Beresford hopes you'll enjoy more than once and it's called Double Jeopardy (1999.)

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