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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GREENLIGHT #119: Wild Hogs (with "The Wild One" and "City Slickers")

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Ann and Les were certainly wild about Wild Hogs (2007) but not in a way that the producers might like. Well, to be fair, Les found this story of four middle-aged suburban men, played by William H. Macy, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and John Travolta, who go on a cross country motorcycle tour as a way to combat their mid-life crises, funny enough in spots. But Ann, while acknowledging the tiniest bit of humor, was revolted by the sohpmoric writing and imbecilic stereotypes this movie perpetuates. She hated this film and is downright saddened that talented actors, particularly Macy and Travolta, would agree to participate in such trash. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends the film that made everyone want to do tough-guy motorcycle movies The Wild One (1953.) In this film Marlon Brando dons black leather from head-to-toe, rebels against "whatever you got," and makes it cool. He and his gang run roughshod over a small town and after getting stuck there by an injury and finding love in the wrong place (as far as the sheriff is concerned) they end-up doing battle with another formidable gang led by another tough-guy Lee Marvin. Ann recommends a film about middle-aged men facing mid-life crises who go on an adventure together that delights rather than insults. It's produced by and features a comically pitch-perfect performance by Billy Crystal along with Daniel Stern and Bruno Kirby and it's called City Slickers (1991.)

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