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Sunday, February 04, 2007

GREENLIGHT #110: Children of Men (with "On the Beach" and "Mad Max 2: Road Warrior")

Ann and Les hope there is a better future for Children of Men (2006) than the one seen in this movie. It's a dark and pretty-much depressing story of life in 2027 when for some unexplained reason the human race can no longer procreate. The unwitting hero is played by Clive Owen who is thrust into the role of savior to the one miraculously pregnant woman on earth. The people who pick him for this role are played by a long-white-haired Michael Caine and a blase Julianne Moore. Though both Ann and Les think that director Alfonso Cuaron photographed this film beautifully, they split on their review. Les found himself bored quickly. Ann, though also bored in spots, was sufficiently intrigued by the story. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends another depressing tale of life in the future but its told better in On the Beach (1985.) It's director Stanley Kramer's view of the final survivors of a nuclear war who know their about to run out of time. It pairs Gregory Peck with Ava Gardner who are both accompanied by a non-dancing Fred Astair and it's quite thought provoking. Ann recommends a much more light-hearted look at a depressing vision of the future as seen by the flamboyant director George Miller through the eyes of Mel Gibson in Mad Max 2: Road Warrior (1981.)

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