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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

GREENLIGHT #101: Apocalypto (with "The Naked Prey" and "What Women Want")

Ann and Les certainly had a gut reaction to Apocalypto (2006.) In fact, they reacted to everybody's guts in this film. It's the story of how one man escaped the fate of the rest of his tribe of becoming a human sacrfice for the Mayans. It's really gory. Both think that Mel Gibson is strangely drawn to such bloody scenes but he does them very well. For that, Les was willing to give the movie a green light. Ann, on the hand, just couldn't stomach seeing the insides of so many stomachs even if done well so she gives it a yellow. Amazingly, most of the people weren't actors. Watch for the performances of the star Rudy Youngblood and his on-screen wife Dalia Hernandez which are riveting. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends another film about a man on the run in the jungle called The Naked Prey (1966.) It's about a tour-guide leader who gets a chance to save himself from being part of a massacre when the marauding tribe gives him a ten-minute start into the jungle because of an earlier kindness he showed to them. Cornel Wilde is both director and star. Ann recommends a film that features the Mel Gibson the way she prefers him - handsome and wiley. Director Nancy Myers has Mr. Gibson play a snake of a man who gets passed over for the job he wants by a female colleague played by Helen Hunt. Through the magic of movies, Gibson's character has an accident which leaves him able to read women's minds. First he uses it to trip up Hunt's character so he can get her job after all. But this is a romantic comedy so that's not how things end, of course, in What Women Want (2000.)

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