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Friday, December 01, 2006

GREENLIGHT #95: Deja Vu (with "Crimson Tide" and "Total Recall")

Ann and Les can't say they're ready to see Deja Vu (2006) all over again because it was only OK the first time. Everyone agrees, even the characters in the movie, that this is a confusing story. Les thought it was so confusing that even though he enjoyed Denzel Washington's performance he just stopped caring about the whole thing halfway through. Ann was headed down that road but found herself hooked by the convoluted story about 30 minutes in. Turns out the government has come up with a time machine to help the police investigate crimes before they're committed even though they don't find out about them until after. See why it could be confusing? They also really enjoyed watching Paula Patton work but look forward to another film with her where she gets to be more than just a beautiful face. Director Tony Scott put a lot of thought into this movie, they just wish he gave the non-eggheads in the audience a better shot at keeping up. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends another film directed by Mr. Scott and starring Mr. Washington called Crimson Tide (1995.) Washington plays a young naval office pitted against a grizzled veteran played by the ever-intriguing Gene Hackman. It's a tour-de-force but beware if you're claustrophobic - the whole movie is filmed in a submarine. Ann recommends another movie that plays with time and with the muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger who somehow manages to get beat-up my his lovely and petite wife played by a relatively unknown Sharon Stone inTotal Recall (1990.)

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