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Monday, November 20, 2006

GREENLIGHT #90: Stranger Than Fiction (with "Tootsie" and "Harvey")

Ann and Les are split on the tried-but-true premise of Stranger Than Fiction (2006.) Both liked the idea of the movie but only Les was truly amused. He thought Will Ferrell plays a fine boring IRS auditor. Ann thinks one needs super acting abilities to make boring interesting and Mr. Ferrell, while fine, didn't show super acting abilities. Their reviews are split on the performances of Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson as well. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends watching Mr. Hoffman in another film about a character who isnt' what he or she seems in Tootsie (1982.) Written by Larry Gelbart, directed by Sydney Pollock, and co-starring Jessica Lange, Bill Murray, and Terri Garr, this movie is a tour-de-force of cinematic comedy for everyone involved. Ann recommends a charming movie about a man, played by Jimmy Stewart , dedicated to his imaginary seven-foot tall white rabbit friend in the film called Harvey (1950.)

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