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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

GREENLIGHT Reviews #163: Stardust (with "Princess Bride" and "Shopgirl")

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Ann and Les were split on the magic of Stardust (2007.) Les was charmed by the performance of Claire Danes who plays a fallen star, literally. Ann thinks the ethereal type role is just not suited to her and neither is the mean irony of the wicked witch played by Michelle Pfeiffer. They were both captivated by a new English actor Charlie Cox who practically steals the show. Another big problem with the film for Ann was the running joke based on Robert DeNiro’s character. She thought it was an obvious and cheap shot that went on way too long. Les thought it was funny. For their GREENLIGHT Rentals, Les recommends another magical movie that was truly funny and enduring called Princess Bride (1987.) This movie was a delight from fairy-tale start to fairy-tale finish with a whole lot of fairy-tale shenanigans in between. Robin Wright Penn plays the title character who has to keep a straight face while all sorts of goofballs chase her and her love Cary Elwes . Perhaps the most entertaining of these enemies is Inigo Montoya, played by Mandy Patinkin, you know, the one who’s father was killed. The list of great actors in this film is quite long and much credit for bringing them all together in this light, magical, and delightful comedy must go to writer William Goldman and director Rob Reiner. Ann recommends Ms. Danes in a film she thinks was singularly suited to her by writer and co-star Steve Martin. She plays a naïve shopgirl who is romanced by an older and elegant and rich man, Robert Porter, but doesn’t know it’s not for real. Confusion really sets in when she meets Porter’s opposite in a nice but not-so-together young man played by Jason Schwarzman. It’s a study in one aspect of human nature that can never really be overstudied or understood called, appropriately enough, Shopgirl (2005.)

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